• CFPB Issues New Rule for General QMs

    The basic changes to QMs in the new rule are:

     No more 43% DTI required for QM underwriting (by your larger and institutional lenders, small creditor exempted lenders never had a hard 43% limit) … more

  • CFPB New Rule for "Seasoned QM"

    The CFPB issued a final rule that creates a new type of QM – a Seasoned QM.  The “seasoning” is for an amount of time (36-months).  The new rule would convert originated non-QMs or rebuttable … more

  • 107,007 MH Tax Liens Removed from Titling Records

    Following the April 18 deadline to properly preserve tax liens older than four years, the MH Division of TDHCA in accordance with the various statutory mandates, removed 107,007 delinquent tax liens … more

  • Senator Charles Perry Seeks AG Opinion on RV Parks

    On April 17, Texas state Senator, Charles Perry, requested a Texas Attorney General Opinion on the question of whether, “recreational vehicle park guests – transient or temporary guests – are … more

  • It's Election Day

    Today is the primary election.  Said another way, it is one of the most exciting days of the year.  Alright, perhaps not everyone is as excited as we are here at TMHA, though it is hard to imagine … more

  • TMHA Modular Housing Task Force Testifies

    On Friday, January 26, the Industrialized Building Code Council met in Austin. Members of TMHA’s Modular Housing Task Force testified before the Council to express their deep concerns over the future … more