Cost Comparison of Manufactured Housing and Site-built Construction

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According to the most recent annual data from the US Census Bureau manufactured housing continues to provide homeowners with considerable costs savings when compared to site-built construction.

The average price per square foot of a new single-section manufactured home was just $81.20 in 2022, while the average price per square foot of a new multi-section manufactured home was $90.27.

For comparison the average price per square foot for a new single-family site-built home excluding the land was $168.35, so single-section manufactured homes were on average less than half the cost per square foot of houses constructed on-site, and multi-section homes were 46% less per square foot than new site-built homes.

This interactive chart is built off of the US Census Bureau’s Manufactured Housing Survey (MHS) Tables

The Census Bureau releases cost and size comparisons for new manufactured homes and new single-family site-built homes for the previous year each June.