TMHA Modular Housing Task Force Testifies

On Friday, January 26, the Industrialized Building Code Council met in Austin. Members of TMHA’s Modular Housing Task Force testified before the Council to express their deep concerns over the future of the residential modular housing industry. Task force members testified about the current decline and expected precipitous decline in modular homes stemming from the newly adopted 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

The 2015 IECC, which went into effect for modular homes in Texas on August 1, 2017, requires new standards for home air-tightness. Our industry is struggling to achieve, in particular in the northern areas of the state, modular home field assemblies that can pass the air-tightness standards measured by the new blower door test. The blower door test issue has resulted in substantial declines in modular home production. Task force members testified that without relief the declines will continue until the modular home industry is a mere fraction of what it is historically in Texas.

TMHA would like to thank the dedicated members of the task force who traveled to Austin and spent the day at the Council meeting to voice the industry’s issues.  Their testimony addressed the impact the regulation has had on their businesses, and present a unified industry message seeking relief.

To watch the testimony got to TDLR’s YouTube channel beginning at the 2:33:00 time stamp.

Unfortunately, members of the Council did not act at last Friday’s meeting. Their unwillingness to engage or discuss possible solutions to the issues presented by the industry was frustrating.  However, the testimony is a critical predicate to establish on the record the industry’s position.

The task force and TMHA will continue to work all legal, regulatory and political solutions to this important problem.

Special thanks to those who testified:

Keith Alexander, Palm Harbor Homes

Howard Broughton, Palm Harbor Homes

Jack Chaney, Clayton Homes

Steve Nichols, Champion Homes

Rob Walters, Champion Homes

Annie, Webster, Oak Creek Homes