Average Sales Price of New Manufactured Homes in the South

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The average sales price for multi-section homes in the South Census Region according to the Manufactured Housing Survey (MHS) moved down in December to $145,600, a -2.9% decrease from the previous month’s average. The average multi-section price was down -6.3% from December of 2022 in nominal terms and down -9.3% after adjusting for inflation.*

The average single-section price in December moved down -7.2% from the previous month coming in at $79,100. The average sales price was down -2.0% from December of 2022 nominally and was down -5.2% after adjusting for inflation.*.

In both real terms and nominally the average prices for multi-section and single-section homes finished 2023 lower than the previous two years.

Using a regression model based on the most recent producer price index for manufactured housing data, the forecasted average multi-section sales price is currently estimated at $152,400 (+/- $8,500) for multi-sections and $83,000 (+/- $5,900) for single-section homes*.

This interactive chart is built off of the US Census Buereau’s Manufactured Housing Survey (MHS) Tables

Texas Average Annual Manufactured Home Sales Price

The Census Bureau releases the previous year’s annual average price data for manufactured homes at the individual state level in the summer.

The average sales price for a new single-section manufactured home in 2022 was $88,400, up +16.5% nominally over the prior year and up +9.4% after adjusting for inflation*, while the average multi-section price was $161,000, up +16.4% nominally from 2021 and also up an inflation-adjusted +9.4%* over the previous year.

This interactive chart is built off of the US Census Bureau’s Manufactured Housing Survey (MHS) Tables

* Inflation adjustments are made using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers.