Producer Price Index for Manufactured Homes

Prices received by producers of manufactured housing moved up sharply in December according to the latest producer price index (PPI) data. The index was up 4.5% over the preceding month and recorded the second highest month-over-month increase for the year.

The increase in the price index was consistent with the Texas Manufactured Housing Survey (TMHS) results which showed prices received for participating manufacturers increasing for December. TMHS participants still expect prices to increase further over the next six months.

The PPI is up 30.1% over December of 2020. The year-over-year increases had been trending lower but are now up close to the July peak of 31.4%.

A regression model on the price index puts the average sales price for new homes in the south census region in December at approximately $147,500 (+/- $9,200) for multi-sections and $79,800 (+/- $5,600) for single-section homes*.

This interactive chart is built from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index by Industry: Manufactured Home, Mobile Home, Manufacturing: Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes), All Width Sizes (Including Multisection) (PCU3219913219911)

Producer Price Index (PPI) Data

The index tracks the change over time of selling prices received by participating producers, with the index value of 100 representing the prices received in June of 1981.

*The PPI is not a perfect predictor for the Census’ Manufactured Housing Survey average price results, but it does account for over 80% of the variability when used in a regression model as the explanatory variable.