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  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments Market Analysis

    April Shipments

    Manufactured home shipments to Texas retailers expanded in April with the seasonally-adjusted total moving up +5% from the previous month. There were three less weekdays in the … more

  • From the 88th – and now From the 88th 1st Special

    The regular session ended at 6:40pm on Monday, when the Senate followed the House and adjourned.  But it didn’t take long for Gov. Abbott to announce the beginning of what he called, “Special Session … more

  • Texas Legislative Session Coming to an End

    The 2023 Texas Legislative Session ends on May 29th.  This is the final week, but both chambers will be burning the midnight oil as they work right up until the last minute of deadlines that hit this … more

  • DOE Announces Delay in MH Energy Standards

    TMHA is pleased to announce that the Department of Energy released Friday, May 29th, a revised final rule pushing back the effective date of the new manufactured housing energy construction standards. … more

  • TDHCA Announces New Consumer Notice

    The MH Division of TDHCA announced on May 16th a revised and consolidated Consumer Notice form.  Formerly, the Consumer Notice was 6-pages long and there was a separate Formaldehyde Notice.  The new … more

  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales Market Analysis

    March Preliminary Data

    New manufactured home sales in March for titles issued to date remained elevated on the year coming in a seasonally adjusted +0.1% over the previous month. New home sales … more

  • From the 88th – Filing, Filing and more Filing

    The beginning of session “blocking and tackling” is nearly done.  All the members are sworn in, the inauguration speeches and parties are in the rearview, Comptroller review estimates are out, and Lt. … more