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  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales Market Analysis

    August Preliminary Data

    New manufactured home sales titled to date moved down a seasonally adjusted -9.5% in August from July and were down -6.7% from August of 2020. Single-section sales for … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments Market Analysis

    August Shipments

    The raw total of August shipments moved up with the increase in production days over July to finish at 1,519 homes shipped to Texas retailers. After adjusting for the seasonal … more

  • Update on Evictions in Texas – September 2021

    It has been exceedingly challenging staying up-to-date on the constantly changing laws, rules, orders, and local ordinances dealing with evictions in Texas. 

    Unfortunately, I start this latest … more

  • From the 87th – Special Session

    Back at it again. 

    After a little more than a month since the conclusion of the 87th Regular Session, the Texas legislature is once again convened in Austin.  For the next 30-days the members of the … more

  • 87th Session Recap


    I’m not sure how long the license is to continue to describe the happenings of this past year and a half as crazy, unprecedented, and chaotic, but as this unusual Texas legislative session is now … more

  • 87th Session Recap - Successful Defense

    One of TMHA’s primary missions during every legislative session is to prevent bad bills from becoming bad laws.  While now 20 years ago the scar tissue on our industry still remains from when a … more

  • 87th Session Recap - Disaster/Pandemic

    S.B. 968 - Relating to public health disaster and public health emergency preparedness and response; providing a civil penalty.

    More than 150 bills and resolutions were filed pertaining to the … more

  • 87th Session Recap - Landlord Tenant

    H.B. 531 - Relating to notice requirements for a leased dwelling located in a floodplain. H.B. 531 did pass and creates a new flood notice provision that every landlord in Texas needs to be aware of.  … more