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  • The Start...the 87th Has Begun

    The 87th Texas Legislative Session is underway.  We have a couple days under our belt of the total 140-day session.  As of this post there have been 1,404 bills filed.  Our team has gone through all … more

  • Texas’s 87th Legislative Session Starts Tomorrow

    Tomorrow, January 12, 2021, the Texas Legislative Session will begin.  Day one of 140 days.  With all that is happening currently in our country and state, this session will certainly have new … more

  • CFPB Issues New Rules for QMs and Creates "Seasoned QM"

    On December 29, 2020 the CFPB published in the Federal Register two new final rules.  One rule modifying provisions related to a “Qualified Mortgage” (QM), and another rule created a new type of QM … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments Market Analysis


    Texas Manufactured home shipments for November moved down a seasonally adjusted -3.9% from October and were down an unadjusted -9.2% from November of last year. The declines were driven … more

  • Congress Passes Comprehensive Stimulus Bill

    Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 on Monday, December 21, 2020.  President Trump sign the bill into law on Sunday, December 27, 2021.

    We will have additional information on … more

  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales Market Analysis

    October Preliminary Data

    New homes titled per day by TDHCA in December are running at a peak rate of 108 titles per day. As we move closer towards the holiday, that rate should lower, but it’s a … more

  • More Texas Election Reports and Takeaways

    Steve and Craig Holzheauser, two of TMHA's long time lobby team members, and there company, Cornerstone Government Affairs, have provided us with the following post-2020 election report.

    Key … more

  • November 2020 Texas Legislature Election Results

    I know nearly all eyes are still transfixed on the handful of states still counting votes in the presidential election.  And while those results are not yet known, we do now know the results of the … more

  • Board of Directors Election Results

    Last Friday at midnight marked the end of membership voting for next year’s TMHA Board of Directors. 

    The Credentials Committee, selected by Chairman Don McCann, has met and certified the election.  … more