Texas PACs

In 2011 there were 1,852 PACs in Texas.  In 2011 Texas PACs raised $82.6 million in contributions received.  PACs spent $46 million.  These amounts might sound like a lot, but it is nothing when compared to the last election year in 2010 when Texas PACs raised $156.9 million and spent $176.3 million.

There is a natural and real association with effective political strength and the size of one’s PAC.  Look at the list of the top ten names associated with the biggest PACs and you will find the names of the most powerful politicians in Texas government - the Texas Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Speaker of the House and Lt. Governor.  

You also see names of trade associations everyone knows have tremendous political power.  How is it everyone knows the REALTORS are a politically powerful trade association?  Granted they have effective organization, grass roots, strong and numerous lobbyist and impressive staffs, but a key reason (if not the reason) the REALTORS are “The REALTORS” in the world of political power is because of the size of their PAC every year.  When your PAC expenditures account for 3.5 percent of all money spent by all PACs in Texas you have the financial power to help a ton of candidates you like win election.  By the way, the REALTORS also don’t just have one PAC.  Their Texas Association of Realtors Issues Mobility PAC raised another $873,218 and spent $1.07 million.  Pretty impressive for an industry whose members essentially make 6 percent commissions on home sales.

Below are the Top Ten Texas PACs for 2011 and 2010

2011 Top Ten

RankAmount ReceivedAmount SpentPAC Name
1. $4,078,074.12 $654,022.36 Texans For Lawsuit Reform PAC
2. $3,619,468.45 $760,028.12 Texans for Greg Abbott
3. $2,630,306.13 $1,663,529.17 Texas Association of REALTORS
4. $2,065,261.53 $935,290.60 Texans for Joe Straus
5. $1,750,188.42 $706,407.20 Friends of Susan Combs
6. $1,469,083.39 $1,024,157.80 Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign
7. $1,396,668.88 $1,657,530.69 Texans For Rick Perry
8. $1,342,200.07 $93,071.10 BNSF Railway Company
9. $1,338,909.10 $281,535.39 Texas Medical Assn. PAC
10. $1,221,072.13 $254,560.00 Union Pacific Corp. Fund For Effective Government

2010 Top Ten

RankAmount ReceivedAmount SpentPAC Name
1. $27,963,295.88 $36,250,036.13 Texans For Rick Perry
2. $7,084,240.03 $6,116,347.23 David Dewhurst Committee
3. $4,590,020.32 $6,166,470.99 Texans For Lawsuit Reform PAC
4. $4,226,160.52 $4,217,965.94 Back to Basics PAC
5. $3,467,667.68 $4,314,868.84 Texans for Greg Abbott
6. $3,249,609.38 $2,980,569.09 Associated Republicans Of Texas Campaign
7. $3,220,074.00 $3,210,810.04 Texas Democratic Trust
8. $2,788,650.00 $2,991,457.49 Texans for Insurance Reform
9. $2,732,438.29 $2,324,319.11 Texans for Joe Straus
10. $2,347,474.33 $2,461,775.92 House Democratic Campaign Committee