Where does TMHA’s PAC rank?  TMHA’s PAC ranked 217 in 2011 in amount of contributions received and 209 in 2010.  Last year our PAC raised $70,448, and the year before we raised $104,996 (election year).  For the size of our association and considering these recent efforts came during some of the worst years on record for our industry, these are respectable amounts.

However, to ascend to the next level of political effectiveness as an association we can do better.  To set alongside other comparable associations in comparable industries, we must do better.

By comparison, below are some other trade associations and their ranks in Texas (2011 figures):

Rank Amount Received Amount Raised Association

20  $681,062.00  $294,506.00  Texas Trial Lawyers Assn. PAC

27  $520,031.49  $151,878.16  Texas Dental Association Political Action

42 $343,499.00  $267,344.28    Fort Worth Firefighters Committee For Responsible Government

51  $314,702.64  $45,500.00  Texas Apartment Assn. PAC 

52  $312,720.66  $35,125.62  Texas Deer Association Political Action Committee

61 $290,977.23  $42,792.15  Texas State Teachers Assn. PAC

77  $245,844.00  $192,870.22  Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PAC 

87  $222,398.91  $105,075.00  HOMEPAC of the Texas Assn. of Builders HOME PAC 

94  $205,192.00  $61,500.00  Texas Society Of Certified Public Account

102  $185,940.00  $120,100.00  Texas Land Title Assn. PAC 

104  $182,650.00  $89,500.00  Texas Automobile Dealers Assn. PAC 

112  $168,831.27  $71,650.00  Houston Apartment Assn. Better Government

126  $145,974.50  $140,876.51  San Antonio Police Officers Assn. PAC

148  $122,953.51  $44,000.00  Texas Architects Committee

153  $118,828.99  $84,950.00  Associated General Contractors of Texas PAC

162  $105,845.51  $27,171.25  Texas Restaurant Assn. PAC 

165  $103,681.63  $123,316.00  Apartment Association of Greater Dallas PAC

Everyone has PACs.  People are always amazed at how many industries have PACs.  It is simply because they all know the political truth one must get involved in government to preserve one’s industry.  

It really doesn’t matter what you do for a living, your industry has a PAC – doctors, lawyers, firefighters, teachers, deer breeders, beer distributors, title insurance, home builders, apartment leasing, general contractors, restaurant owners, architects and police officers.

Texas Real Estate Related PACs

Based on 2010 numbers (previous election year), Texas business related PACs accounted for 51 percent of all PAC spending.  Ideological PACs were the second largest player with 43 percent.  Labor related PACs were a distant third accounting for 5 percent.

Among total PAC spending real estate related PACs accounted for 7 percent.  There were 48 active real estate related PACs in 2010 all combining to spend just under $10 million.

Top Real Estate PACs in 2010:

$3,557,489  Texas Association of Realtors

$3,238,317  Texas  Association Realtors Issues Mobilization

$566,250  Texas Apartment Association

$318,159  San Antonio Board of Realtors

$291,160  Texas Land Title Association

$264,443  Houston Apartment Association

$192,333  Houston Realty Business Coalition

$183,500  Apartment Association of Greater Dallas

$139,208  MetroTex Association of Realtors

$102,723  Ebby Halliday

$101,877 Apartment Association of Tarrant County

$100,393  Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA PAC)