How We Fundraise

Fundraising? The tens of thousands of dollar question for TMHA.  For others it can be the multi-million dollar question.  The fact is the only way a PAC receives money is if its members part with some of their hard earned money.  This is a tough thing, especially in our current economic environment.  

The key to any sustainable fundraising effort is a lot give a little, rather than a little give a lot.  Sure there are wealthy individuals who pony up large sums of money to PACs and political campaigns.  TMHA is fortunate to have some members who step up and are major contributors to our PAC. Truly leading not only by example, but putting their money where their association is.

How do successful PACs raise money and large amounts?  They raise money with a large membership base with a high percentage of participation. This can come in many forms.  Some have automatic withdraws from paychecks like corporate PACs and labor unions.  Others have vast membership bases, for example the Texas Association of REALTORS has 90,000 plus members.  With 90,000 if every member gives $25 to the PAC, the PAC has $2.25 million and at $50 a member, $4.5 million.

TMHA will send out 599 membership renewal notices this year.  Beginning three years ago TMHA begin including a recommended voluntary annual PAC investment from all our members of $50.  The amount can be paid right along with our members annual membership dues.  

The math is pretty simple: with 599 members, at 100 percent participation at $50 each is $29,950 annually to TMHA’s PAC.  If this amount were to increase to $75, then the PAC investment would be 44,925, and of course at $100 the amount is $59,900.

Growing TMHA’s membership base is another critical component to increasing our PAC and general association strength.  This fact is especially true in the area of communities.  Of our 599, 277 are our communities.  With an estimated 3,000 communities in Texas, TMHA will continue to work to grow our market share of member participation in this membership category.

Another key to TMHA’s fundraising efforts come from our events throughout the year, including our annual convention.  Member participation in our events offer useful networking, education, fun, and industry camaraderie all the while helping fund our PAC.  By far our most success event for raising PAC dollars is our annual convention.  We have an annual goal at convention of raising at last $50,000, which we surpassed in the recent years since incorporating a PAC focus. 

TMHA will also have golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, Christmas parties and horse racing events.  

TMHA constantly looks to improve our membership understanding in the importance of their PAC investments.  We also strive to find new ways to raise PAC dollars.  For members who have ideas for fundraising programs, we want to hear from you.  Submit your ideas to