Google Search Interest in Mobile Homes for Sale

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Texans search interest in mobile homes for sale in August hit the lowest seasonally-adjusted total so far in 2023, with the adjusted value for traffic moving down -4.8% from the preceding month. Search traffic for August hit a ten year low for the month, but despite the decline in search activity new manufactured home sales remain high which could indicate that the elevated search activity from May of 2020 through June of 2022 was boosted by the difficulty of finding homes to purchase at all.

Google searches for “mobile homes for sale” in the state of Texas tend to peak in January, slow down through the Spring, and then hit a second peak in July before declining through the end of the year.

This interactive chart is built from Google Trends data for the search term “mobile home for sale”

Mobile Homes For Sale Search Term Selection

The google trends data is pulled for the search term “mobile homes for sale” because the volume of search data for that term is 10 times higher than the volume of searches for “manufactured homes for sale.” In Texas any home with a HUD-Code label on it is legally a manufactured home, and any home built in a factory prior to the introduction of the HUD-Code in 1976 is a mobile home. Despite the legal definition google search data suggests that consumers tend to characterize modern manufactured homes as mobile homes.