TMHA Hits the Road

TMHAs executive director, DJ Pendleton, and director of technology, Rob Ripperda, travel to San Antonio next week November 14-16 to attend the national CFED I'm HOME Conference. Pendleton will speak on two panels at the conference regarding the State of Texas' installation program and on a panel generally discussing MH communities, community closures, the law in Texas regarding MH, and local zoning and ordinance impacting MH consumers. Pendleton will discuss with the audience TMHA's recent project with Texas State's Institute for Government Innovation that looked into the local zoning and ordinances impacting MH for approximately 300 of the most populous cities in Texas.

Then on January 23, Pendleton travels to Houston to present at the single day 2017 Houston Market Area Event and forum for manufactured housing community owners in Houston and surrounding areas. The event is presented by TMHA members Sunstone MHC and Mobile Insurance. Pendleton will be talking to the gathering of local area community owners about TMHA's role during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session, what bills TMHA is working to pass and defeat, and generally what TMHA has to offer its membership.