TMHA Announces All New Stat Tracker Tool

TMHA is pleased to announce our new member information tool – TMHA Stat Tracker

Through integration with the MH Division’s new database and a good chunk of code, today we are happy to unveil our new statistical monthly tracking system.

With today’s launch TMHA members now have a source to track monthly sales.  The reports display new, used, single-section, multi-section, real property, personal property, cash and credit statistics.  In addition, members can see month-to-month market trend lines throughout the year.

This is Phase I of several phases. TMHA’s Director of Technology, Rob Ripperda, is already busy at work on the next set of reports.  With TMHA’s new technological capabilities we encourage submission of member ideas and feedback. What additional types of statistical information would you like to see us provide?  What would most help you in your day-to-day business?  Let us know. Email your ideas directly to Rob at

We hope you enjoy our new TMHA Stat Tracker, and stay tuned throughout the year as the reports are updated, and TMHA unveils many new features.

View TMHA Stat Tracker