August 2018 Shipment Report

Manufactured home shipments for August moved up 28.6% over July, but because most factories close for the week of Independence Day, the month-to-preceding-month comparison is not particularly telling. The August 2018 to 2017 comparison is more informative and showed shipments up 12% over 2017. Single and multi-section homes recorded double-digit growth and total shipments for 2018 are tracking up 18.6% over 2017.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25th, 2017, so the year-over-year comparisons will now be impacted by that inflection point. September of 2017 was fairly soft, but then FEMA shipments boosted Q4 numbers and kept the totals elevated through Q1 of 2018. Those additional FEMA shipments may make the remainder of the year appear a bit softer, but with Texas MH production running at decade highs, the Texas economy accelerating in August, personal income growth for the state leading the nation, oil cresting the $70 a barrel mark, and new MH titles up over 20%, we expect continued strength in monthly shipments.

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Total for August: 828 764 1,592
Change from July: 28.77% 28.4% 28.59%
Change from August of 2017: 12.96% 11.05% 12.03%
Total for 2018 YTD: 6,772 5,444 12,216
Change from 2017 (%): 22.5% 14.15% 18.64%
Change from 2017 (Units): 1,244 675 1,919

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