TX Eviction Courts Re-Open Tuesday, May 19

The Texas Supreme Court has announced that beginning on Tuesday, May 19, eviction proceedings can resume.  This ends the eviction moratorium originally put into place until April 30, but then subsequently extended until May 18.

While Texas Justice Courts are opening back up, for some properties the federal moratorium against evictions for commercial properly with federally back mortgages remains in effect.  As we have previously posted, for these federally back mortgages the earliest effective date to complete an eviction action is August 23, and this is predicated on a 30-day (not 3 or 10 day) notice to vacate/eviction.

Additionally, several tools are now available for both property owners and tenants alike to check to see if the property they are renting is covered by a federally back mortgage.

TMHA has always recommended that eviction proceedings should be used as a last resort when interacting with ones’ tenants. Other arrangements, including but not limited to, the commonly referred to “cash-for-keys” or other arrangements have proven highly effective for many members.