Texas’s 87th Legislative Session Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, January 12, 2021, the Texas Legislative Session will begin.  Day one of 140 days.  With all that is happening currently in our country and state, this session will certainly have new elements never before seen, as well as many of the usual occurrences of a typical session. 

The economy, pandemic, vaccinations, and the many changes in the actual physical processes and protocols will all be vastly different from any prior session.  But somethings will be the same, like the estimated 7,000 bills that will get filed, the focus on the only must-pass bill – the state budget, and for every session following the 10-year census, the always highly contentious redrawing of the district maps for future elections.

We will be with you every step of the way and will provide updates through our posts and membership emails for the next six months.  Welcome all to – From the 87th.