From the 86th - TMHA Supported Residential Modular Bill Filed

Just 90 days to go until the end of the 2019 Texas Legislative Session.  Hard to believe we are a third of the way through.

We are pleased to report that H.B. 2546 by Chairman Ryan Guillen was filed today.  H.B. 2546 is the TMHA supported bill that would bring energy code parity for residential modular homes. 

The language in the filed version will be amended as the bill works its way through the legislative process, but the goal of the bill is to allow modular home builders the choice to construct homes to either the state adopted energy code or any energy code with amendments that the A&M System Laboratory has determined is no less stringent for a particular energy zone.

The bill filing is the first step in the long process. 

In general session news, there have been 3,711 bills filed. The March 8 bill filing deadline is rapidly approaching, and we could see nearly twice as many bills filed before the deadline hits.  TMHA is tracking 160 bills, and has already been working on several bills, including numerous landlord tenant bills and newly proposed regulations for roofers.

And since I always like to add a bit about some of the more interesting bills and resolutions that we see, I’ll point out that there appears to be growing support in both the House and Senate to declare the Bowie knife the official state knife of Texas.  So, kids throughout the state should start to prepare themselves for the inevitable bad “dad jokes” butchering a quote from an 80’s movie, “That’s not a knife, this is an official state knife of Texas.” (Feel free to read that with your own Austrian accent)

There is also the resolution to make the taco the official state food of Texas.  Before you start calling in a panic, understandably, worry not because as proposed all tacos would be included - “brisket, sausage, eggs, chorizo, beans, and seafood… pork al pastor, beef barbacoa, and chicken fajita, and we also appreciate the more exotic ingredients that have been pressed into service, including everything from octopus to elk to kimchi fried rice, are that much better when served in the warm embrace of a tortilla.”

And while we are talking about food and the legislature, for our neighbors in Kyle, just south of Austin, Sen. Campbell proposes making Kyle the official Pie Capital of Texas.  However, her proposed new designation would only last for a 10-year period.  Probably so that another city could then be given the honor, or perhaps as often warned on Thanksgiving, there is a thing as too much pie and 10 years is too much.

We will keep you up to date with all the session news.

And just think in a not too distant future you could find yourself finishing off a plate full of the official food of Texas to then move on to desert hailing from the Pie Capital, and if you found yourself without proper utensils to divide up your pie, well, good thing you have your trusty state knife of Texas to help cut you a slice.