From the 86th - HB 2546 Passes the Senate

Around 12:30am this morning, the TMHA supported HB 2546 passed the Senate.  The bill passed on the last day and on the last calendar in the Senate.  This is another major step for the legislation that would bring greater building flexibility as it relates to energy efficiency for modular homes in Texas.

The bill now goes back to the House because there were changes in the bill language made in the Senate. 

The 2019 Session ends on Tuesday. TMHA’s team will continue to work this bill to try and help it across the finish-line.

In other session related news, SB 1414, passed the House.  SB 1414 addresses the amount of late fees a landlord can charge a tenant. In its current form, the bill defines a “reasonable” late fee at 12% or 10% of the monthly rental charges depending on the type of rental unit.  This bill now heads back to the Senate in the waning days of the session to see if the Senate author will accept the changes or go to a conference committee to sort out the differences.

We will provide a full and detailed post-Session analysis on all pertinent bills that made it to the Governor’s desk when all the dust finally settles.  But until Tuesday know that TMHA’s Lobby Team will be working these final six days of the session in the hopes of achieving another successful legislative year for our industry.