For 70 years, the Texas Manufactured Housing Association has served Texas’ manufactured housing industry. Formed June 19, 1952 as a non-profit trade association, TMHA has remained dedicated to serving its membership and the growing demand for affordable housing in the wake of World War II.

Today, TMHA is concerned with the entire scope of the Texas manufactured housing industry. The association represents over 1,400 company members from every facet of the industry, including: manufacturers, retailers, communities, insurance companies, suppliers of goods and services, sales people, real estate companies, title companies, developers, transporters, installers, financial institutions, brokers and other affiliated companies

Mission Statement

TMHA is the state trade association representing the general welfare and interest of the entire for-profit Texas manufactured and industrialized (modular) housing industries. TMHA serves its membership by providing industry information, legislative representation, education and networking opportunities.

Code of Ethics

As members of Texas Manufactured Housing Association, we subscribe to the principles set forth in the TMHA Code of Ethics and pledge to comply with the specific standards of conduct established by the Code. We pledge to be ever mindful of our moral responsibility to provide our customers with a product that represents value equal to payment received.

We further pledge that all obligations to our customers contained in guaranties or warranties offered in connection with the manufacture, sale and installation of our homes will be properly fulfilled within a reasonable period of time. In the conduct of our individual businesses, we pledge to refrain from any act that would bring discredit to our industry or association, or any individual member thereof. In our advertising and promotion endeavors we pledge to emphasize the positive aspects and actual benefits of manufactured housing and to refrain from any such endeavors that might deceive or mislead the public or include false claims.

We assume these responsibilities with the understanding that to do so is part of our obligation as TMHA members.