• Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in November 2019


    Manufactured home shipments for November moved down from October with the Thanksgiving holiday reducing the number of plant production days. Despite the short month, single-section … more

  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales in September 2019


    New home sales for September moved down from August, with a large decline in single-section home sales from the previous month. Multi-section home sales grew 3% and overtook single- … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in October 2019


    Manufactured home shipments for October crested the 1,500 homes mark for the first time since October of last year. There was an increase in production days over September and both … more

  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales in August 2019


    New home sales for August moved down from July and were down from August of 2018. Single-section sales actually increased over July while multi-sections were down significantly. The month- … more

  • Texas Deployment of MH Advantage / HOMEchoice homes

    One of the first manufactured homes conforming with the requirements of the pilot programs recently launched by the Government Sponsored Entities, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, was placed on a lot near … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in September 2019


    Manufactured home shipments for September moved down for both single-section and multi-section homes from August, but the decline was likely due to a decrease in production days … more

  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales in July 2019


    New home sales for July moved up from June with month-over-month gains for both single and multi-section homes. Single-section home sales were down from July of 2018, but large year-over- … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in August 2019


    Manufactured home shipments for August moved up from July to the second highest total of the year at 1,418 homes. Multi-section shipments beat single-sections making it nine straight … more

  • Texas Manufactured Housing Sales in June 2019


    New home sales for June were down across the board from May and were down in aggregate from June of 2018 with multi-sections again expanding, but single-section sales down by a larger … more