• From the 86th: The State’s Big-Ticket Items

    Unlike previous sessions that at times derailed over politically volatile issues, this session remained focus on the job at hand.  And as laid out by the three state leaders – Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. … more

  • From the 86th: Landlord Tenant and MH Community Bills

    From a previous post early on in our From the 86th series, we discussed the increased volume  of landlord tenant related bills filed.  We tracked 50 bills this session that could have some impact on … more

  • From the 86th: Sunset Bills

    Recall that the laws in the state of Texas mandate that all state agencies are placed on a “sunset” clock.  Periodically, every state agency must come up for review and are required to go through the … more

  • From the 86th: City, County, and Local Government Bills

    HB 2566 - relating to the authority of certain counties to regulate litter and mosquito control.

    Cameron County has experienced health and safety issues in the unincorporated areas of the county, … more

  • From the 86th: State Agencies and Regulation Bills

    HB 2101 - Relating to the regulation of reroofing contractors.

    First, this bill did not pass.  It failed to pass in the House when it came up for a vote. 

    We mention it here only to say that TMHA … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in April 2019


    Manufactured home shipments for April moved up 4% from March with increases in both single-section (+3.1%) and multi-section (+4.8%) homes. Single-sections are still running well below 2018 … more

  • From the 86th - HB 2546 Passes the Senate

    Around 12:30am this morning, the TMHA supported HB 2546 passed the Senate.  The bill passed on the last day and on the last calendar in the Senate.  This is another major step for the legislation … more