• TDHCA Eviction Diversion Program and Rent Relief Update

    As we have previous posted, the Texas portion of rental assistance and relief from the prior COVID relief legislation is administered by TDHCA.  There is still more than $1 billion available and this … more

  • Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in December 2020


    December shipments beat the forecast and hit a series high as manufacturers increased production over November despite the holiday. TMHA member factories participating in our monthly … more

  • The Start...the 87th Has Begun

    The 87th Texas Legislative Session is underway.  We have a couple days under our belt of the total 140-day session.  As of this post there have been 1,404 bills filed.  Our team has gone through all … more

  • CFPB Issues New Rule for General QMs

    The basic changes to QMs in the new rule are:

     No more 43% DTI required for QM underwriting (by your larger and institutional lenders, small creditor exempted lenders never had a hard 43% limit) … more

  • CFPB New Rule for "Seasoned QM"

    The CFPB issued a final rule that creates a new type of QM – a Seasoned QM.  The “seasoning” is for an amount of time (36-months).  The new rule would convert originated non-QMs or rebuttable … more