Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in September 2019


Manufactured home shipments for September moved down for both single-section and multi-section homes from August, but the decline was likely due to a decrease in production days between the two months. Homes shipped per day hit its highest mark on the year with 67 homes shipping on average per day of production.

Total homes shipped for September came in below September of 2018, but the decrease was due to a decline in multi-section home shipments. Single-section shipments posted their first year-over-year increase in 2019.

The gap between single-section and multi-section home shipments narrowed in September, but it marked the 11th straight month of multi-section shipments above singles.

Homes shipped out of the state were in line with last month, and adding those numbers in 85 homes were built per day of production. That’s the highest rate this year.

Total for September: 652 683 1,335
Change from August: -4.1% -7.5% -5.9%
Change from September of 2018: 0.9% -4.1% -1.7%

Annual Totals

The year-over-year total improved slightly over last month, though is still down more than 15%.

Total for 2019 YTD: 5,408 6,044 11,452
Change from 2018 (%): -27.1% -1.8% -15.6%
Change from 2018 (Units): -2,010 -112 -2,122

View the Annual Manufacturer Shipment Report.


Single-section shipments again pulled closer to multi-sections. Could we see a reversal in October?

August retail sales are on pace to beat August shipments, so the signs are still favorable for future shipments.