Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in March 2022

March Shipments

Single-section and multi-section manufactured home shipments expanded in March with both structure types coming in above 1,000 homes apiece and pushing the total number of homes shipped to Texas retailers above the 2,000 mark for the first time since before the Great Recession.

The 2,029 homes shipped was just inside the top end of our forecasted range which highlights just how strong of a month the industry had.

March often marks the highest number of home shipments for any given year, but the seasonally adjusted total was still 4.6% above February, and the raw total was an even more impressive 13.6% over March of last year. Shipments were boosted by both increased run rates at Texas manufactured housing plants, and a larger share of home production staying in state.

Total for March: 1,002 1,027 2,029
Change from February (Raw %): 29.1% 33.2% 31.2%
Change from February (Raw Units): 226 256 482
Change from February (SA %): 2.6% 11.8% 4.6%
Change from March of 2021 (%): 25.6% 3.9% 13.6%
Change from March of 2021 (Units): 204 39 243

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March Production

Texas manufactured housing plants found another gear in March as production rates accelerated and total homes built blasted past the 2,500 home mark.

The 2,590 homes built was up a seasonally adjusted 11.7% from February and up a raw 14.4% over March of 2021. A small portion of the gains came from an increase of single-section homes in the product mix, but the minimum number of floors produced was up a solid 13.3% over last year, and both 2022 and last year had the same 23 calendar weekdays.

The increase in production was inline with the Texas Manufactured Housing Survey results from last month.

Texas Plant ProductionTotalShipped Out of TXMin Floors
Total for March: 2,590 625 3,592
Change from February (Raw %): 29.6% 20.2% 31.8%
Change from February (Raw Units): 591 105 866
Change from February (SA %): 11.7% NA 13.5%
Change from March of 2021 (%): 14.4% 8.3% 13.3%
Change from March of 2021 (Units): 327 48 423

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April Outlook

The forecasting models have April shipments at 1,671 (+/- 330) and Texas plant production at 2,190 (+/- 382) homes.

The Texas Manufactured Housing Survey results for March had even more of the market responding with further increased in run rates over March, take the overs.

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Annual Totals

At the end of calendar Q1 manufactured home shipments to Texas retailers are up 15.6% and Texas plant production is up 18%.

The forecast for annual Texas shipments moves up to 19,728 (+/- 2,616) and forecasted Texas plant production moves up to 25,870 (+/- 2,462).

Total for 2022 YTD: 2,561 2,566 5,127
Change from 2021 (%): 26.5% 6.4% 15.6%
Change from 2021 (Units): 537 154 691
Texas Plant ProductionTotalShipped Out of TXMin Floors
Total for 2022 YTD: 6,709 1,742 9,193
Change from 2021 (%): 18% 18.3% 15.7%
Change from 2021 (Units): 1,024 270 1,247

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