Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in June 2021

June Shipments

June shipments came in at 1,566 homes which was above last month’s forecast and brings 2021 shipment levels back to series highs as multi-section shipments expanded while single-section shipments were in line with last month on a seasonally adjusted basis. Multi-section shipments moved up a seasonally adjusted 5% over May.

Single-section retail sales aren’t as strong in the summer and multi-section shipments usually represent a higher percentage of the production mix in June and August. Multi-sections are currently running at 55.5% of total shipments.

The seasonally adjusted rate for total homes shipped for June was 0.5% above last month and marks the fourth month in a row where the seasonal totals have come in around the same mark, as roughly 71 homes are shipped to a Texas location per business day. The total homes shipped was 18.1% higher than June of 2020.

The Texas Manufactured Housing Survey (TMHS) results for June showed backlog lengths moving down for the first time in the 12-month series, and that trend continued in July. The TMHS is produced collaboratively by TMHA and the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M, and we are thrilled to have both Dr. Harold Hunt and Wesley Miller present at our upcoming September convention on housing economics and an annual review of the survey.

The point forecast for July shipments is 1,284 (+/- 258).

Total for June: 697 869 1,566
Change from May (Raw %): 10.1% 17.1% 13.9%
Change from May (Raw Units): 64 127 191
Change from May (SA %): -0.2% 5% 0.5%
Change from June of 2020 (%): 13% 22.6% 18.1%
Change from June of 2020 (Units): 80 160 240

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June Production

Total manufactured home production for plants in the state rose 23.4% over June of last year and while the seasonally adjustment is showing that as a decline from May, the reason for that was the shift towards multi-section units as seen in the floor production numbers moving higher month-over-month.

Shipments to other states remain at series highs for the fourth month in a row, and shipments into the state while below the June average moved up considerably from last month’s trough.

Texas Plant ProductionTotalShipped Out of TXMin Floors
Total for June: 2,086 573 2,906
Change from May (Raw %): 10.7% 5.9% 11.4%
Change from May (Raw Units): 201 32 297
Change from May (SA %): -1.2% -2.9% 1.6%
Change from June of 2020 (%): 23.4% 38.4% 22.8%
Change from June of 2020 (Units): 396 159 539

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Annual Totals

On the strength of June numbers the annual forecast for shipments in the state has moved up to 17,577 (+/- 1,469).

Total for 2021 YTD: 4,076 4,890 8,966
Change from 2020 (%): 8.5% 13.9% 11.4%
Change from 2020 (Units): 321 596 917
Texas Plant ProductionTotalShipped Out of TXMin Floors
Total for 2021 YTD: 11,774 3,182 16,412
Change from 2020 (%): 13.3% 21.3% 13.1%
Change from 2020 (Units): 1,381 559 1,904

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Here are the annual totals for manufactured home shipments in Texas from 2012 through 2020.