Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in June 2019


Manufactured home shipments for June moved down sharply from both the preceding month and June of last year. The decline hit both multi-section and single-section homes, but was much steeper in the single-section market.

The headline total of 1,178 homes shipped marks the lowest total so far in 2019, but June like February, only had 20 weekdays worth of production time. Looking at home shipments per production day available, June was right in line at 59 homes per day with the January through April average. May saw that metric jump to 66 homes a day.

Another potential factor working to soften Texas shipments in June was an uptick in homes shipped out of state. Exported homes moved up 18.7% over May to their highest total of the year at 425 homes. Incorporating the exported homes, Texas manufacturing plants were running at about the same 78 homes produced per day as they did last month.

Total for June: 506 672 1,178
Change from May: -28.1% -10.2% -18.9%
Change from June of 2018: -35.7% -11.6% -23.9%

Annual Totals

We’ve reached the end of Q2 and multi-section shipments have turned red over 2018.

Total for 2019 YTD: 3,627 4,014 7,641
Change from 2018 (%): -31.6% -1.7% -18.6%
Change from 2018 (Units): -1,674 -71 -1,745

View the Annual Manufacturer Shipment Report.


The streak of multi-section home shipments beating single-section home shipments extends to seven straight months, and the gap between the two widens. June also marks the lowest single-section shipment total since July of 2017.

April sales officially beat shipments, but that is unlikely to occur in May. June sales are currently tracking just below June shipments.