Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in December 2019


Manufactured home shipments for December moved down again from the previous month with the Christmas holiday pulling total production days down to one of the lowest levels of the year. Single-section shipments pulled back more sharply than did multi-section homes and so for every month save November, multi-section homes out shipped single-wide homes in 2019.

The rate of homes shipped given the holiday break though was quite good, and compared to 2018, December of 2019 was the only month of the year to post solid year-over-year gains with 123 more homes shipping to Texas retailers and homeowners in the month.

As we post the final numbers for 2019, December’s uptick is a good sign for the start of 2020.

We’ll see where January’s numbers land.

Total for December: 577 606 1,183
Change from November (%): -17.1% -10.6% -13.9%
Change from November (Units): -119 -72 -191
Change from December of 2018 (%): 9.7% 13.5% 11.6%
Change from December of 2018 (Units): 51 72 123

Annual Totals

The final totals are in and 2019 officially came in -11.7% lower than 2018.

The multi-section decline was minimal, but single-section shipments were down -21.7% with the impact of the Harvey recovery effort and a subsequent inventory buildup by retailers as back logs grew lengthy in 2018, negatively affected 2019 demand.

Total for 2019 YTD: 7,390 8,137 15,527
Change from 2018 (%): -21.7% -0.2% -11.7%
Change from 2018 (Units): -2,046 -19 -2,065

View the Annual Manufacturer Shipment Report.


August retail sales revisions have slowed and titles are no longer on pace to beat that month in shipments.

September is still on pace, October is not, and November continues to have a shot.

Retail sales have remained strong as the data comes in for 2019, another bullish sign for manufactured home shipments in 2020.

Here are the annual totals for manufactured home shipments in Texas from 2012 through 2019.