Texas Manufactured Home Shipments in August 2019


Manufactured home shipments for August moved up from July to the second highest total of the year at 1,418 homes. Multi-section shipments beat single-sections making it nine straight months in a row.

August’s additional production days over July tends to lead to large month-over-month gains, but there was a noticeable acceleration in single-section shipments and the gap between singles and multi-section shipments, which had been running wide for the last two months, narrowed.

The totals for both single-section and multi-section homes were below those of August of 2018.

Texas plants exported an additional 440 homes out of state and hit the highest total home production mark of the year with 1,790 homes built.

Total for August: 680 738 1,418
Change from July: 51.4% 21.2% 34%
Change from August of 2018: -17.9% -3.4% -10.9%

Annual Totals

The year-over-year numbers were little changed from last month. Single-section shipments for the state are now more than 2,000 units behind 2018.

Total for 2019 YTD: 4,756 5,361 10,117
Change from 2018 (%): -29.8% -1.5% -17.2%
Change from 2018 (Units): -2,016 -83 -2,099

View the Annual Manufacturer Shipment Report.


Single-section shipments pulled closer to multi-sections, we’ll see if that holds through September.

June retail sales officially beat shipments and July’s sales will too, so that’s four months on the year of sales outpacing shipments. That’s a bullish sign for future shipments.