Texas Legislative Session Coming to an End

The 2023 Texas Legislative Session ends on May 29th.  This is the final week, but both chambers will be burning the midnight oil as they work right up until the last minute of deadlines that hit this week.

Late on Sunday night, May 21st,  the Senate voted out H.B. 2706.  H.B. 2706 is TMHA primary legislative goal that will provide needed clarification in the Occupations Code, reduce the burdens on MH community sales transactions, and clarifies the inventory lien perfection process for manufactured homes.  The bill now heads back one more time to the House, where we hope that the House bill author, Rep. Shine, will concur with the Senate changes.

In this final week there will be a late surge in activity, late night deadlines, deals struck, and probably a few last-minute curveballs, since there always are.

We will be back at the conclusion of the session with a detailed recap of all the bills that passed and the future impact on the state, and our industry specifically.