Texas Deployment of MH Advantage / HOMEchoice homes

One of the first manufactured homes conforming with the requirements of the pilot programs recently launched by the Government Sponsored Entities, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, was placed on a lot near Canyon Lake by developer Dustin Arp, President of Spark Homes

The three bedroom-two bath, 1,168 square foot home was manufactured by Skyline Champion Home Builders out of their Burleson factory.  This is one of the first homes of this kind to placed in Texas. 

Mr. Arp was kind enough to invite DJ Pendleton and Rob Ripperda down to his massive unveiling where he also gathered over 100 local Realtors to tour all of his new home projects. 

Mr. Arp also unveiled two spectacular triple-section modular homes built by Oak Creek Homes

The three homes varied in price points but were clearly marveled by all the real estate professionals in attendance.  Universally recognized by everyone as three amazing displays of home size, quality, amenities and price.

“The strides that have been made on the interior of Manufactured Homes have been well documented, but Freddie Mac Choice and MH Advantage by Fannie Mae have been the first programs to incentivize our industry to innovate exterior elevation options available to the consumer.  It takes a close collaboration between the retailer and the manufacturer to create frontal elevations palatable for a client that has been priced out of the production builder model.  There will have to be new retailer market participants, whose business structure and retail strategy more closely resembles a production homebuilder, to bring these products to market at a volume sufficient to satisfy demand in the gap between where the deliverable price point of manufactured housing starts and the starting price points of entry level production homebuilders.” – President of Spark Homes, Dustin Arp.

“A real opportunity for the Manufactured Housing Industry to fully participate in the country’s affordable housing crisis is taking shape.  Skyline Champion Home Builders is both excited and grateful for Spark Homes taking the first step in Texas toward MH’s involvement in the affordable housing solution.  Dustin Arp and his team presented three MH Advantage / HOMEchoice homes from two Texas manufactured home builders that were outstanding examples of how far manufactured homes have come.” - Director Business Development – Central Region, Skyline Champion Homes, Dave Busche

“The Arp family is building the kind of high-quality home packages that is Meridian Homes’ cup of tea.  We are excited to be part of the exceptional team that Dustin has organized and look forward to many happy homebuyers in the future! – CEO American Homestar/Oak Creek Homes, Dwayne Teeter

As a post-script to this article, TMHA is looking forward to an additional article and pictures from Mr. Arp.  But probably most fascinating about Mr. Arp’s vision and bold inicative is the proofed concept that he set out to accomplish came to fruition in less than 48-hours when he received a full price offer on one of his homes.