Manufactured Housing Division of TDHCA Board – New 2024 Administrative Rules

Tags: Advocacy

Last Friday, January 19, the board for the Manufactured Housing Division of TDCHA met and approved final rule revisions that create a new process when a licensee or prospective licenses is caught cheating on the licensing exam.  This is a direct result from a specific instance where it was discovered a manager at a retail location was cheating on the online initial licensing exam for prospective salespersons.

In addition to the provisions that now allow the executive director to 1) impose disciplinary actions, including fines; 2) revoke or deny licenses subject to cheating; and 3) bar those individuals who do cheat from re-applying for up to two years, the board also approved a proposed rule that will eventually move the department to third-party administered licensing examinations. 

The exams will eventually, once implemented in about six months, be administered by a third-party company that verifies and monitors throughout the online exam process the correct identity of the person taking the exam.  Currently the department expects there to be an additional $100 in costs for the exam process