It’s a Special Day…Early Voting Starts Today

You can all probably imagine the shock and unjustified disappointment (in my mind at least) when I excitedly asked my wife this morning if she knew what day it was, and she had some thought that a bouquet of flowers might be behind my back, only to hear me say, “Early voting starts today!”  I suppose I can mildly understand her confusion since it is also Valentines Day, but by now with more than a decade of marriage one would think she is used to her political-nerd of a husband.

The primary early voting runs until February 25, and election day is Tuesday, March 1.  This is the first primary election under the newly drawn political maps coming out of redistricting.  So be sure to double check your new districts and races.

In many races historically in Texas, the real contest for the seat is in the primary election.  Under many of the new maps this will certainly be the case for this election.  Here is the list of all the races for this 2022 primary.

Voters can cast ballots at any polling location in the county where they are registered to vote. Check your county elections office’s website for early voting locations