Harvey Recovery Update

TMHA continues to be busy in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Last week there were multiple House committee hearings in Houston regarding Harvey and the recovery. Next week the Senate will take up Harvey in committee hearings all week in Austin at the Capitol.

We have been in constant communication with our members and recently circulated the General Land Office’s Request for Proposal for MHUs last week. We sent over 3,000 visits to the GLO’s RFP. Earlier this week, TMHA was informed more RFPs could be coming from the local Council of Governments and Commissions, which are collections of local governments into 24 regions in Texas.

We know the first 29 MHUs are being deployed in Rock Port, and we expect more to follow. TMHA greatly appreciates all the critical feedback from our members in the impacted regions, and from our manufacturers. This constant communication is vital in helping us communicate with our members, state officials, local officials, politicians, and the public through our recent media interviews.

We are just at the start of the recovery efforts. An effort we expect will dominate a great deal of the industry’s and TMHA’s focus for the immediate future.