End of the 3rd Special Session…another one on the way

Tags: Advocacy

The 3rd Special Session comes to an end tomorrow.  But don’t worry, by the looks of it, we will be right back at in an anticipated 4th Special Session.

There were 278 bills filed during this special session.  TMHA’s Lobby Team tracked nearly 10 percent of those bills, but our primary focus was the “call” item on Colony Ridge.  Our concern and efforts focused on preserving property rights and existing county housing development standards.  This issue received lengthy hearings in both the House and Senate, and appears the legislature intends to address the various issues with a $40 million allocation to DPS for more law enforcement. Fortunately, as of this post it appears the efforts to expand county land use controls to more closely align with municipal land use authority has not materialized. 

However, with what appears to be a lack of consensus on boarder security bills and school vouchers, we anticipate Gov. Abbott will do what he has been saying he would do if those measure don’t make it to his desk…call the legislature back for a 4th Special Session.  If/when this happens, TMHA’s Lobby Team will be back at it for another special session.  We will provide membership updates as this session winds down, and if there are any last minute deals struck, or if not then onward we head to another special session.