DOE Announces Delay in MH Energy Standards

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TMHA is pleased to announce that the Department of Energy released Friday, May 29th, a revised final rule pushing back the effective date of the new manufactured housing energy construction standards. 

Tier 2 homes (i.e. multi-sections) were pushed back two additional years until July 2025.  Tier 1 homes (i.e. single-sections) standards will begin 60-days following the publication of the enforcement provisions of the regulations.  It is not currently known when the enforcement regulations will be published, but we anticipate it will be several months, at the earliest.

The announcement was welcomed news and comes as a result of the multi-pronged effort and advocacy by the industry to raise the significant concerns of the originally published energy provisions.  Part of this advocacy effort was also the litigation efforts that TMHA joined with MHI, which has been ongoing in federal court in Austin.  The primary goal of the advocacy and litigation efforts was to obtain a meaningful delay to clarify the standards, compliance and enforcement, and more accurately address the cost impact and supply chain constraints.