CDC Eviction Case in TX District Court

Last Friday, a TX District court ruled that the CDC eviction moratorium was unconstitutional.  But this does not mean the order is immediately invalidated across Texas or the nation. 

The CDC and Dept. of Justice has already appealed this ruling to the 5th Circuit.

The ruling was not an injunction, so the ruling (until the appeals are final) only applies to the two plaintiff property owners, and, unfortunately, not across the board to all property owners.

At this point, it is too tough to tell on timelines and what the appellate decisions will be or how far up the appellate chain this case might reach.  All previous cases filed all over the county contesting the CDC order have failed, until this one.  The current CDC order is set to expire March 31, but there is a high likelihood this date will be extended.

TMHA will continue to monitor this case as it proceeds to the next legal level.