Tax Liens Beyond Four Years Eliminated

Every year uncollected tax liens on manufactured homes that age beyond four years are wiped form the titling records by the Manufactured Housing Division of TDHCA.  This yearly occurrence is the result of a 2013 bill, HB 3613, that TMHA vigorously advocated for, and remains one of TMHA’s major triumphs.

This year 105,041 tax liens expired and were removed from the titling records.  For those who want to put a monetary estimate to this amount, estimate the amount of a four-year tax lien, plus interest and penalties multiply that by 105,041.

Since HB 3613 went into effect, 1,732,068 million tax liens have been removed in the past five years.  Initially, 1.2 million liens were removed from the records when the bill became law, and then thereafter approximately 100,000 – 225,000 liens are removed annually. Conservatively estimating an average tax lien amount of $150 that equates to $260 million in tax liens that have been removed since the bill became law. 

In our advocacy world, it is not always possible to point to specific monetary benefits of the association’s legislative efforts and achievements.  However, HB 3613 is an exception to the trend, and stands as one of our proudest achievements. 

And the best part about the law is that this will continue to occur each year moving forward.