Strauss announces House Committee Assignments

Usually announced later in a typical session, on Thursday Speaker Strauss released his committee assignments.  This is not only a much awaited day for members of the Legislature, but also for hundreds of lobbyist and trade associations across the State.

Of the standing committees, 32 are chaired by men, six by women, 26 are white, five are black and seven are Hispanic.

“All of the committee appointments highlight the House’s strong mix of experienced leaders and newer members who are ready to take on greater responsibility,” Straus said in a statement. “After traveling around the state to visit with members before the session and talking to them over the last few weeks, I am very encouraged that the House is ready to tackle the serious challenges our state faces.”

Some of the committees important to the manufactured housing industry and the committees make up are: New members to Committees are in bold.

County Affairs: Garnet Coleman(Chair), Joe Farias(Vice-Chair), Mary Gonzalez, Ana Luna Hernandez, Todd Hunter, Matt Krause, Lois Kolkhorst, David Simpson, Jonathan Strickland.

Licensing & Administrative Procedures: Wayne Smith(Chair), John Kuempel(Vice-Chair), Charlie Geren, Lance Gooden, Ryan Guillen, Roland Gutierrez, Boris Miles, Four Price, Senfronia Thompson.

Urban Affairs: Harold Dutton(Chair), Carol Alvarado(Vice Chair), Rafael Anchia, Gary Elkins, Jeff Leach, Justin Rodriguez, Scott Sanford.

For a complete listing of committee assignments check out