• April 2017 Reports and May Preliminary Data

    Following a similar downward trajectory that shipments recorded for the month of April, titles for new single-section homes posted a large -34.5% decline from March’s total. Recall that March& … more

  • May 2017 Shipment Report

    After a slight slowdown in April, shipments appear to have heated up again in May with multi-section homes posting 30-plus percent gains over both April 2017 and May of 2016. Single-section … more

  • TMHA's 85th Session Recap

    Memorial Day marked the end of the 2017 Texas Legislative Session. The session that began 140 days earlier was certainly one for the ages. Conflict and compromise, hurt feelings and shared … more

  • 85th Recap: Landlord Tenant

    There were several bills that made it all the way through the legislature and Governor Abbott signed into law impacting various areas of general landlord tenant law. S.B. 873 directly impacts … more

  • 85th Recap: State Regulation

    H.B. 1290 - Relating to the required repeal of a state agency rule before adoption of a new state agency rule

    Some lawmakers raised concerns at the rate at which state agencies are proposing and … more

  • 85th Recap: Local Government

    H.B. 1449 - Relating to prohibiting local governments from imposing certain fees on new construction

    This bill prohibits what are called “linkage fees” for new construction imposed by … more

  • 85th Recap: Financing and Lending

    H.B. 1470 - Relating to the public sale of real property under a power of sale in a security instrument

    This bill address aspects of the foreclosure law in Texas. Advocates for the bill felt several … more

  • 85th Recap: Residential Service Contracts

    H.B. 2279 - Relating to the regulation of a residential service contract

    Residential service contracts provide coverage to homeowners for the repair or replacement costs of major systems and other … more

  • March 2017 Reports and April Preliminary Data

    New titles for March had a late push to close the month out much stronger than last month’s preliminary look at the data suggested. The bulk of that push came from a large new home purchase … more

  • April 2017 Shipment Report

    Shipments for April came back down to earth from March’s peak, but marked the fourth consecutive month for the year with gains over the same month in 2016. The 1,202 homes shipped for the … more