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  • Harvey Recovery Update

    TMHA continues to be busy in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Last week there were multiple House committee hearings in Houston regarding Harvey and the recovery. Next week the Senate will take up … more

  • Recovery for Hurricane Harvey Still Forefront

    TMHA has and will continue to work with all our resources to help in the recovery efforts following the unprecedented destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Still very much in our thoughts and prayers are … more

  • H.B. 2019 and S.B. 1248 Now Law of the Land

    Last Friday the vast majority of legislation passed into law in the 2019 Texas Legislative Session became effective. Specifically, for our industry were the two TMHA supported bills - H.B. 2019 and S. … more

  • TMHA's MH Communities of Texas List

    TMHA is pleased to announce the release of our MH Communities of Texas List to all current members. The list includes the names and address for the locations of 2,458 communities with links to … more

  • The Tale of S.B. 1248

    Come all, gather around the camp fire. Grab your smores and prepare yourself for the tale of how S.B. 1248 was passed into law. I warn you at times this is a harrowing tale, but I'll begin with a … more

  • TMHA's 85th Session Recap

    Memorial Day marked the end of the 2017 Texas Legislative Session. The session that began 140 days earlier was certainly one for the ages. Conflict and compromise, hurt feelings and shared … more

  • 85th Recap: Landlord Tenant

    There were several bills that made it all the way through the legislature and Governor Abbott signed into law impacting various areas of general landlord tenant law. S.B. 873 directly impacts … more