• VA Circular on Manufactured Home Appraisal Report

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued Circular 26-14-24: Manufactured Home Appraisal Report (09/05/14). The purpose of the Circular is to provide information to program participants on the … more

  • Thank You to Our Renewed Members

    TMHA would like to thank all of our members who have renewed their membership.  June through August is our annual membership renewal period, and we are grateful for those members who continue to … more

  • Primary Run Off

    The May 27 Primary Runoff in Texas again demonstrated the conservative leanings in many districts and races across the state.  Generally the candidates who successfully conveyed to the runoff … more


    A curse of being an insurance agent is that when I attend movies featuring colossal destruction, I can’t help but wonder who will pay for all that damage. Cars are flung, buildings are … more

  • Be Mindful of Fingerprint and Background Check Timing

    As a result of the state-wide effort to incorporate criminal background checks on all occupational licenses in the state and following the 2013 Sunset Commission review of TDHCA, any person seeking a … more

  • Are Your Tenants Growing Pot?

    Recently, a California landlord was hit with a surprise electric bill for $140,000.  Apparently, a tenant of the landlord had bypassed the electrical meter and was stealing electricity.  … more

  • An Honest Conversation About Owner-Financing

    Let’s speak frankly for a second.  There are many (possibly hundreds) of folks out there who for years have operated in some manner or to some degree as a lender.

    You might not have felt … more