• June 2015 Reports and July Preliminary Data

    New home titles for June closed out very strong with multi-section homes out pacing singles for the month. The double digit increases both over the preceding month and over June 2014 pushed YTD new … more

  • May 2015 Reports and June Preliminary Data

    On time new home titles for May came in down around where we reported them in last month's preliminary release. The inclusion of the additional month's worth of retailer titles has pushed us red … more

  • April 2015 Reports and May Preliminary Data

    Titles for both new and used homes slipped in April compared to the preceding month and from the previous April of 2014. Titles are still up for the year however for both total and new titles and a … more

  • New Appraisal Disclosures Right Around the Corner

    We are officially less than twenty days away from the new appraisal disclosure that will go into effect on July 18.  The good news is that both vendors, Datacomp and NADA, have undergone … more

  • March 2015 Reports and April Preliminary Data


    New titles in March surged over February and came in a healthy 6.33% percent up over March of 2014. The new title total of 1,042 is the highest a month has come in at since we've been … more

  • 84th Recap: Regulation of Construction Contractors

    Another bill of great concern to TMHA this session was HB 3148 with the caption of: "Relating to the regulation of construction contractors." As filed this would have required any person who built, … more

  • 84th Recap: Tax Cuts

    You ever play a game of chicken? I hope not. The father of two in me wants to say that it's "not a safe choice," like when the kids start heading for an electrical socket. But even if you have … more

  • TMHA's 84th Session Recap

    Welcome to TMHA's 2015 Session Recap. This page provides you all the information and tools you need to read up on all aspects of the Texas Session and the impact on the manufactured and modular … more