• October 2015 Reports and November Preliminary Data

    New titles were down for both single-section and multi-section titles compared to last month and to October of 2014. While the declines were fairly large, last October was a particularly good month … more

  • Park Safety Inspections and Pride of Ownership

    Safety inspections are a valuable part of our specialty park insurance programs. When we insure a park, we generally send an inspector to the location to review what can be done to make the park a … more

  • HB 910 in Effect on January 1, 2016

    We have received some questions lately about HB 910. Well … the questions don’t ask specifically about HB 910. I’m guessing most out there don’t recognize HB 910 by its bill … more

  • September 2015 Reports and October Preliminary Data

    New single-section home titles moved back up above multi-section totals for the month of September and showed solid gains over August and over September of last year. Those gains weren’t … more

  • TMHA is Going Local

    I know what you are probably thinking.  “Oh no, our executive director is about to push on us a story about the benefits of hemp-made sandals and not showering.  Austin has infected … more

  • August 2015 Reports and September Preliminary Data

    New home titles for August finished out strong coming in at 4.44% over August of 2014 and up 1.69% over last month. It was the second time this year that the multi-section total for the month came … more

  • Texas MH HMDA Analysis 2014

    Each September the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) publishes the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data for the previous year. The following is an analysis of that data … more

  • July 2015 Reports and August Preliminary Data

    New home titles for July came in better than the preliminary data suggested finishing up 2.36% over July of 2014. The total of 954 new homes was down 2.75% from June, but the gains did push our year … more

  • June 2015 Reports and July Preliminary Data

    New home titles for June closed out very strong with multi-section homes out pacing singles for the month. The double digit increases both over the preceding month and over June 2014 pushed YTD new … more

  • May 2015 Reports and June Preliminary Data

    On time new home titles for May came in down around where we reported them in last month's preliminary release. The inclusion of the additional month's worth of retailer titles has pushed us red … more