Do I have to use the same username and password I have for texasmha.com when registering for CE?

Yes you will use the same information you use to log into member forms and links. If you are unsure of this or it is not working please email Caitlin at caitlin@texasmha.com.

I have already read the information on the slide and it won’t let me advance. Why is this?

The slides are set on a timer in order to meet the set time requirement set forth by TDHCA. Please be prepared for what may seem like a discretion in the amount of information on a slide versus the time you have to look at it before proceeding. In other words, you might have to wait for a little while before preceding forward even though you have easily read all the info on the slide. The arrow will become blue once you are able to move onto the next one.

Once I complete CE do I have to send it into TDHCA in order to get credit for it?

No we do that for you. Once you have completed the 8 hours of CE we automatically send it in to TDHCA. You are not required to send anything else in with regards to CE. However, you will still need to renew and pay TDHCA which can be done online at www.tdhca.state.tx.us/renewals

I am a related person and therefore taking CE for more than one license.  How do I do this?

If you are taking the CE for more than one license number (you are a related person) please contact Caitlin at caitlin@texasmha.com or 512-459-1221 so she can set it up to where you only have to take the class once.